Balder Engineering AS


•  Assist customers to find and inspect conversion candidates.
•  Inspection of hull, machinery and electrical items.
•  Arrange mechanical teams for close up inspection of machinery and pipes.
•   Condition assessment  report for mechanical equipment.
•  Condition assessment report for pipes and valves.
•  Condition assessment report for hull, structures and coating. 
•  Production of 2D drawings for conversion planning.
•  Drawing mark-ups for conversion planning.
•  Pre FEED for technical solutions and cost estimate.
•  Lifetime extension for conversion candidates existing systems. 
•  Assist in establishment of site team at conversion yard.
•  Assist and follow up the conversion at conversion yard.
•  Suggest and follow up Owners furnished equipment.
•  Advise rule compliance with NORSOK, Class and NMD.
•  Inspection and planning of the damage repair.
•  Repair cost calculation and cost control.
•  Selection of repair yard.
•  Production of repair specification.
•  Production of item list for purchase.
•  Follow up the repair site team.
•  Communication with insurance.
•  Communication with Class. 
•  Production of repair specification for existing equipment.
•  Production of conversion specification for new equipment.
•   Production of demolition specification for removal of existing equipment.
•  Production of paint and corrosion protection specification.
•  Production of system specification, functional description and philosophy documents.



•  Software used for various technical calculations is Mathcad Prime.
•  Steam balance calculation.
•  Electrical balance calculation.
•  Utility balance calculations.
•  Fire water demand calculation.
•  CAPEX and OPEX calculation
•  FEED with basic design of all marine and utility systems.
•   Area planning and layout for positioning of equipment.
   Production of P&ID for marine and utility systems with Main Equipment List, MTO list, TAG list and instrument list.
   Production of HVAC basic design and calculations.
   Production of drawings for Class approval.
•  Utility balance calcul
•  Fire water demand calculat  
•  CAPEX and OPEX calculatio
•  Utility balance calculations
•  Fire water demand calculatio
•  CAPEX an